Why I am looking forward to Autumn



I am a huge fan of of all seasons. I guess I just like when things change every now and then. And as days get shorter I am happily looking forward to the next season.

Autumn is a great excuse for me to slow things down again. After a super busy summer with lots of outdoor activities, long bbq nights with friends and family, and lots of park adventures I am very much looking forward to spending some quality time indoors. And as much as I love being outdoor and socializing with my friends Autumn seems like a perfect excuse to spent some quality time with myself. And here is why:


Ickle Bubba

The Ickle bubba stomp V2 all in one travel system

Ickle Bubba

While enjoying the very few days of sunshine that we have around here, this week me and my family have made the most out of a sunny day. Including myself, my parents, my brother, his wife and my beautiful niece spent the day as a family.

We wanted to go out for lunch and also go for a walk around our local lake, Verulamium Park. My niece is 3 months old and she’s just adorable, and is very good! My brother’s wife has the Ickle Bubba Stomp V2 All In One Travel System, which includes the carry cot, pushchair, safety mattress and rain cover.  I’ve never really pushed a buggy before, not properly anyway, so I was rather excited to push my niece for the first time! My brother went and put her in her in the carry cot, and simply clicked it into place on the push chair, looked ever so simple to me! There is also a lot of extra space under the pushchair for all the baby stuff you need! They actually got this from Hello Baby Direct, and it seems to really help them, no one needs to spend an hour trying to open a buggy and strap a little one in!

Ickle Bubba Stomp V2

Me and my family started our lovely sunny walk and we had got just round the corner from my house, when I got asked if I wanted to push my niece and I obviously jumped at the chance! I felt so grown up whilst doing so, and was also amazed at how light it was to push! It was even very easy for crossing roads and going up kerbs. I loved every minute of it, even if my niece was having a lovely nap in the sun!

As we got to the restaurant and ordered our food, everyone was very impressed with the little one as she slept through the whole meal! (Now I’m certainly not saying this pram can make your child sleep for hours – although wouldn’t that be nice if that did exist!) After a lovely meal and a sunny walk back home, (I had to let nanny walk her back, everyone wanted a turn as you can imagine) it had been a lovely afternoon!

Hello baby direct have a great range of prams and buggys! Why not see what one would suit your day best?


– Imogen


Team Topics Pets

Children and pets – All for it!

I love animals, big and small, I love them all (well, most of them). Animals can be a source of such joy and companionship. There has always been a debate as to the whether pets and children mix, and whether your child having their own pet is a good idea. Well I personally think that growing up with a family pet is a great idea.

During the course of my childhood we had a Cockatiel (Popeye), 2 Rabbits (Hector and Harley), a Dalmatian (Teddy) and numerous gold fish. Though not all at once you will be pleased to know. I loved having pets. They were some of my first close friends, I would talk to them, play with them, and help to look after them.




Tips and Tricks Monday

Yay Monday – How to prepare for a good start into the week

Monday is usually the day when your husband and maybe even you go back to work. If you have older kids they might go to school or kindergarten, which yeah we are actually a bit excited about sometimes. However even though things might go back to their regular schedules, in general, Monday is not something we are looking forward to. We need to get up earlier, the house is usually racked from all the fun weekend activities and although we were meant to have a super relaxed weekend we are actually pretty exhausted from it all.

As much as we love our weekends they sometimes can mess with our routines and break the weeks flow so that we usually dread the start of the next week. We might even have developed a proper Monday dislike.

Even though you might feel like all signs are against you and your Monday there is some hope. Why not try to make Monday your friend? Why not look at it as a fresh start? If you are not a Monday person, yet this one is for you.  Keep reading for some helpful tips or inspirations on how to turn Monday into a fun day:


Tips and Tricks Monday (more…)