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  • How to get what you really want...

    November 25, 2015


    Unfortunately Santa does not always bring what you wished for. But do not fear we are on a mission to change that! Hello Baby wants to make sure you really get what you want. So here the plan: Simply enter the Hello Baby Christmas give-away for a change to win any product that we offer on our website or in our ebay store. The rules are easy so just follow the guide below on how to enter the give-away. The winners will be selected on Wednesday the 16th of Decmeber 2015 so make sure to check our Social Media profiles so that we can send the items just in time for Christmas.

    Good Luck & Merry Christmas

    Step 1:

    Head to our website or ebay store.

    Go to website or ebay

     Step 2:

    Find the product that you would like to receive from Santa this year.

    Find an item you like

    Step 3:

    Take a picture or screenshot of the product on our website or ebay store.

    Take a screenshot or picture

    Step 4:

    Use the Hashtag #DearHelloBaby and share your picture on our Facebook wall, on Instagram or tweet us @hellobaydirect

    Share on Social Media

    Step 5:

    Don't forget to share our Christmas give-away with your friends and family.

  • Famous Movie Babies

    October 19, 2015

    Babies In Movies

    Babies are cute and adorable, but also unpredictable and a source of conflict.  No wonder they are so popular with screen writers looking for a plot generation device.  To celebrate the role of babies in film let's take a look at some of our favourite babies in movie history.

    Rosemary's Baby

    Rosemary's baby

    Something definitely isn't right in Rosemary's world.  After meeting some strange neighbours she has a scary dream where the devil thrust himself upon her and co-incidentally she becomes pregnant.  Then her husband starts to behave strangely insisting she rejects her friends and see a strange doctor, even though she is having terrible pains.  But in Roman Polanski's occult thriller the real shock comes when the baby is born....

    Three Men and a Baby


    I seem to remember enjoying this light hearted 80's hit at the time but it seem awfully naff in retrospect.  Ted Dawson is playing his usual lothario role and having time of his life until he is left holding the baby by an old flame.  Cue plenty of slack stick comedy and soul searching.

    The Godfather


    The Godfather is one of the greatest films ever made and is a timeless story of the power struggles in a new York Mafia family.  In a pivotal scene in the film Michael Corleone, the new boss of the Corleone clan arranges for all his enemies to be disposed of while is having his daughter baptised.


    The baby is played by the director's daughter, Sophia Coppola, who went onto direct films such as Lost in Translation and the Bling Ring.

    Meet the Fockers

    Meet-the-fockersIn my opinion, Robert De Niro's greatest roll was not in Raging Bull, but in Meet the Parents and its sequel, Meet the Fockers.  He plays the humourless, suspicious father is to deadpan perfection.  Oh, and there is a baby in it as well.



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