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  • Tips Tuesday #16 Painting With Your Hands

    July 22, 2014

    Paining with fingerpaint

    Are you tired of the same old puzzles, play dough and animated cartoons and outside it’s raining? Why not having some fun painting with your hands together with you kid? You’ll be surprised seeing how creative your little one can be! It’s the perfect way to introduce him/her to art and it’s sSso easy. Tulips, caterpillars, trees or even beautiful peacocks!! and you only need your hands (and feet?;)), sheets (better if a bit thick) and colours! Be careful to look for colours which are non-toxic and washable.

    Paining with Fingerpaint

    A good advice is to put some old newspapers on your worktable and to wear cloth that you don’t really care of (just in case!)

    All the members of your family (especially grandparents) will just go crazy for the drawings of your child! May be a good idea to use them as Christmas presents?! ; ) You could save a lot of money and they’ll be doubtless appreciated.

    Painting with Fingers

    And what about a calendar (a sun for August, a butterfly for March, brownish leaves for October and snow for December)?

    Here some more inspirational drawings..

    Painting With Fingers

    Enjoy creating colourful decorations using fingers!

    - Debora
    Hello Baby Intern

  • Tips Tuesday #15 How to pick the perfect book for your child.

    July 15, 2014

    Finding the right book for your kids

    Children's literature is definitely a serious business. We can be sure that what we read or we have been reading during our childhood will constitute an important part of our personality as an adult.s

    So choosing what to read to a child is essential and can be a little tricky.

    The main quality of a book is the universe that it is going to be created around the child. A child needs to dream and to be part of a wonderful world that will give them a lot of imagination! Parents shouldn’t be concerned that their children will be lost in the adult world, or be less present in their everyday life. Kids, they can enjoy to read about dragons, witches and the princesses. Childhood is the age to create our own wonderland!

    It is also certain that each child will have different preferences to magic universes, it will be harmful to force a child who has no interest in elves or other magical creatures to read fairy tales.

    So what to choose:

    We can separate children literature in 5 big parts:

    Educational books (5 months to 1 years)

    The purposes of these books are to focus more on the developmental aspects of the book as well as the story being told.

    In these kind of educational books; shapes, colours, textures, noises and images are crucial. It helps young children to explore themselves, their senses and to explore the world  around them through the images used.

    Children BooksTraditional legend and fairy tales…

    Everybody knows about the fairy tales. Fairy tales are a way to explain the world to children but without hurting their sensitivity. It also creates a universe where the child can let their mind run free and enjoy the pleasure of pure imagination. As a personal adviser I will recommend Peter Pan, Alice in Wonderland or all the fairy tales of Charles Perrault. However, be careful, the original versions of these fairy tales of Charles Perrault can be really sad and scary (snow white or the little mermaid).

    … Or tales about animals and nature

    As I mentioned before, if your child doesn’t like witches, magicians or frogs who can turn into princes, don’t panic there are a lot of book for children which have nothing to do with fairies. A wonderful author is Beatrix Potter, for example, she wrote about the adventure of a rabbit, Benjamin Bunny, he is one of the most famous characters in English children's literature.

    Documentary for kids

    Later on, some of the kids will grew very fond of adventure and enjoy to discover the world around them. All the little bugs, the flowers and animals are sources of passion for them. It’s important to value and encourage this phase by giving them to read picture books for kids about the subject they are interesting in or when they are older subscribe to a magazine for children.

    TipsChildren reading book

    • It’s really important to value the time together as child/parent reading a story. The adult is the one who opens the door of the imagination for their child and the child travels safely in the universe because their parents are here to soothe him if the imagination begins to be too vivid.
    • Also reading stories will give to your child the taste for reading later.
    • It’s important also to encourage the story beyond the book that your child is reading. In order to do that, several options are available: games (insert link here) soft toys (insert link here), clothes etc.
    •  A book should always be presented to the child as a secret world that is just them that has the power to open it. That will prepare them for literature and also give them a rich universe where they will be the master of this little world. Thanks to that, your child will be able to play alone and have a rich life.
    • For children who really don’t like to read, try audio books (link to products), it gives a moment of peace to the child and will definitely give them the interest to hear about or read other stories.

    Good reading!

    - Lucie
    Hello Baby Intern 


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