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  • Hello Baby visits the 2015 London Toyfair

    January 28, 2015

    Last week Becca, Trevor and Kerstin visited the 2015 London Toyfair.  We saw lots of lovely new toys which you will be seeing on our site over the next few months and made some new friends we'd like you to meet!

    Trevor Plug Sylvanian Bunny

    Sylvanian Families are a great range of traditional toys which need not introduction.  At their stand we met this rather scary bunny who made friends with Trevor.

    Becca, The Queen and Homer Simpson

    Becca is a massive fan of all things ancient and Royal, but unfortunately this is as close as she is every likely to get to her Majesty!

    Kerstin is trying to smile here, but secretly she is terrified of this oversized doll

  • Hello baby at the Pictures

    January 27, 2015

    Cult Classics: Ferngully, the last Rainforest

    The best way to describe this film is as a “charming” tale that tried to hammer home the environmental conservation message to kids in the early nineties.
    Originally released in 1992, Ferngully is a warm if at some point’s scary film that is entertaining for the little ones and features a few cameos that parents might like.
    The story follows Crysta, a young fairy from the forest of Ferngully in Australia as she unwittingly shrinks Zak, a human working for a deforestation company, to her size after he accidently releases the sprit of all destruction Hexus, voiced by the always amazing Tim Curry. There is also a host of other colourful characters from pips, another fairy voiced by a young Christian Slater to the comedic relief Batty voiced by the late great Robin Williams.
    While the film does have a very heavy handed approach to rainforest conservation, that being save the forest, humans are bad, these points are only really glossed over and doesn’t bog down the pace at all.

    The film has a number of somewhat memorable songs that both help the story along in slow spots and entertain with the note worthy one being Dream worth keeping and the villains song toxic love and the credit song some other world which was recorded especially for ht e film by Elton john.

    The animation style is a nice mix of standard cel animation with some small piece of early 3D for certain part like the interior of the leveller but over all its colourful enough to hold your little ones glued for it full run time

    Overall the film is fun enough to entertain but not heavy enough bore your little ones, well worth a look.

    By Oliver


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