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  • Today it's Parents' Day!

    July 27, 2014

    Parents Having Dinner

    Hi Mums! Hi Dads!
    Today it's Parents' Day and for this particular event we will not deal with baby stuff! Just for today, we promise!

    With this brief article we just want to make sure that after game has been over with your wedding you could still get a chance of inserting coins after your babies were born! ;)

    All kidding aside, we all know how stressful your life can get, once your infant is born; and, as a consequence, how much your married life can become less passionate and sentimental.

    Keep on working, look for everything the baby is in need, clean him, change him, feed him, desperately try to make him sleep, go for a stroll: these are just some of your new tasks as a parent! And for sure we forgot something!

    As suddenly days just have 24 hours, and since we hope you could still sleep some, you will soon realize you have much less time for your partner, missing the old days where you were just two lovers with no worries and responsabilities at all! Sounds like Hakuna Matata, isn't it? ;)

    By the way we won't say babies are just killing your passion, but PLEASE remember to take care about your partner as well!

    A good start could be dealing together with your newborn's needs and requirements! Dads, can you hear us?? Don't leave your wives alone in this crazy daily marathon! You will discover it could be fun! Sometimes at least! Sharing these crucial moments can save time and keep your lover still sane! :)

    The relationship would say thanks, if it just could!

    And please, even if you don't have a nanny, try to get some time for just you and your real love! We are sure grandparents will be much happy to help you! They will remember the old times when they were young parents with no experience at all! And you can go for a love escape, just as you were in your sweet 20s!

    And try to enjoy it as more as you can! The hard landing is just around the corner!

  • Tips Tuesday #16 Painting With Your Hands

    July 22, 2014

    Paining with fingerpaint

    Are you tired of the same old puzzles, play dough and animated cartoons and outside it’s raining? Why not having some fun painting with your hands together with you kid? You’ll be surprised seeing how creative your little one can be! It’s the perfect way to introduce him/her to art and it’s sSso easy. Tulips, caterpillars, trees or even beautiful peacocks!! and you only need your hands (and feet?;)), sheets (better if a bit thick) and colours! Be careful to look for colours which are non-toxic and washable.

    Paining with Fingerpaint

    A good advice is to put some old newspapers on your worktable and to wear cloth that you don’t really care of (just in case!)

    All the members of your family (especially grandparents) will just go crazy for the drawings of your child! May be a good idea to use them as Christmas presents?! ; ) You could save a lot of money and they’ll be doubtless appreciated.

    Painting with Fingers

    And what about a calendar (a sun for August, a butterfly for March, brownish leaves for October and snow for December)?

    Here some more inspirational drawings..

    Painting With Fingers

    Enjoy creating colourful decorations using fingers!

    - Debora
    Hello Baby Intern


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