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  • Hungarian cartoons I grew up with

    April 8, 2015

    Hungarian cartoons

    When I was a small child I didn’t watch Hanna-Barbera cartoons, they weren’t even available in Hungary at the time. Cartoon Network only became available in 1998 and even then it was broadcasted in English at first. Children of my age in the early 90’s watched Hungarian cartoons made in the 70’s, 80’s and also some cartoons which were made in other countries of the eastern block. That doesn't mean that they were bad, they were quite old, but their message and stories are timeless. Even today they get broadcasted in Hungary on a daily basis and children still watch and enjoy them.

    Frakk, the terror of cats was one of my favorites at the time. The story focused on an elderly couple and their pets namely Frakk the dog and the two cats Lucretia and Serena. The cats always misbehaved and get the dog into trouble. It was quite similar to Tom and Jerry, just with cats and dogs. Some of the episodes are actually available on YouTube with English subs I strongly encourage you to check out this really cute cartoon: Frakk

    Another cartoon which is actually a full feature movie is Vuk, the Little Fox. This movie has a special place in every Hungarian person’s heart, it’s actually an adaptation of a children’s book which was quite popular even overseas at the time. The movie was even released in the US at one point. The story is about Vuk a fox cub who becomes an orphan and his uncle who adopts him. Together they go through a series of adventures and the little fox grows up to become a real hunter like his uncle. They often break into farms and steal the farmer’s livestock by fooling the guard dogs, which always lead to a comical scene. It really is a sweet cartoon and every person who ever seen it remembers the main theme which was sang by Kati Wolf who was only seven at the time: Wolf Kati
    She later become a professional singer, she also represented Hungary in the Eurovison song festival in 2011: Wolf Kati #2
    Unfortunately I couldn't find the movie in English anywhere, because if there’s one Hungarian cartoon you ever watch it should be this one.

    There are a numerous other examples of Hungarian cartoons which were made with an endless care and love for its characters, something which might be missing from some of the cartoons of today. Like the stories of the Mezga Family an ordinary family made of unordinary characters. The son a young genius makes contact with one of the family’s descendants in the 30th century and the gifts he sends puts them through in all kinds of adventures. In a spinoff the son also goes on an adventure in space with his dog to explore the universe.
    There’s also the The rabbit with the checkered ears, a plush rabbit who watches over children and helps them in their time of need. Actually I really disliked this cartoon when I was little, because I was afraid of the rabbit. :D Talking dogs, dragons and people traveling through time were fine with me, but a plush rabbit which can fly by rotating its ears? Nonono, there’s something wrong with that… If you’re brave enough to watch a flying rabbit, then a huge portion of the cartoon is available in YouTube, it doesn’t feature spoken language and I’ve been told that other children enjoy it and find it cute so feel free to give it a try: The rabbit with the checkered ears

    So this is my brief introduction into the world of Hungarian cartoons, I hope you enjoyed it. Thanks for reading it!


  • If in doubt do nothing?

    March 24, 2015

    If in doubt do nothing? Might not be the best solution. Sometimes doing nothing can be a great way to go but I think it's important to see that inaction is still a chosen action.

    There is an alarming movement against proven vaccinations due to unfounded fears, that are putting children at risk.
    This great video takes a look at the science behind the anti-vaccination movement and why so many loving parents have been making this risky choice.

    I'm a big fan of SciShow, they are one of the new bread of high quality You Tube content producers that are transforming You Tube into a genuine place for quality programs.

    Do you know of any good You Tubers worth sharing?

    - Ashley



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