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  • Tips Tuesday #18 Falling a sleep

    August 12, 2014

    The day is over we are more than exhausted from all the organizing, planning, managing, multi tasking and so on and so forth. We are ready for bet but once snuggled up for some reason we just can't fall asleep. Being a parent can be overwhelming and many thoughts might be in our heads. Here a few tips that might help you calm your thoughts and fall a sleep faster.

    Trying to fall asleep

    1. Make sure your surroundings are nice and tidy, a clean space ensures a clean mind, make sure all your room is clean and organized and most importantly make sure you feel comfortable in your bedroom. For some more pillows might help for some few are better make sure you feel comfortable and safe in your own home.

    2. Use scents to calm your thoughts. Lavender and commomile are well known to help fall asleep give it a try and maybe it helsp you, too. Handy pillow sprays can be picked up from most drugstores.

    3. make sure the temperature is right.

    4. Enusre that the room is dar. If you can#t darken the room itself a sleeping mask might be the solution.

    5. make sure you have done all your organizations. Write down important tasks you don't want to forget or thinks you are currently worriyning about. Somethimes it helps to write things down to get them out of your mind.

    6. Establish a bed time routine. Make sure you are letting your body know when it is time to sleep doing the same things before going to bed every night might help to send the right signals to your body.

  • Tips Tuesday #17 VEGGIES BABIES

    August 5, 2014

    Introducing vegetables to your toddler

    Even if you are a master chef, it can be very difficult when it comes the time to cook for your adorable baby. Here we want to briefly guide you through the path going from breastfeeding to teething, passing via the weaning phase.

    When breastfeeding is about to be outdated, grated fruit and baby food seem the natural consequence, starting with apples and pears and then going through its entire variety, ending up with the allergenic ones as strawberries, kiwis and peaches just to cite some of them.

    However it is not wrong to first introduce your baby to the veggies world, this being as well characterized by such a colourful rainbow of flavours!

    The first phase doesn’t include any sophisticated taste, just go for carrots, courgettes and potatoes! Step by step you can then try to delight your baby with richer vegetable soups, including green beans, cauliflower, fennel, leek and lettuce, waiting for those containing milk, no matter which is their percentage.

    That’s exactly the moment you can go wild in being your baby’s veggie chef:

    • stew the choosen veggies in just a litre of water at a low flame until the liquid halves;
    • whip them carefully;
    • take 180–200 ml of this puree and put it on the burner;
    • when it’s close to boiling dissolve two grain wheat spoons;
    • cook for two more minutes;
    • after turning off the flame simply add a small spoon of extra virgin olive oil and one of parmesan cheese, better if 36-months-matured.

    Before going for meat and small pasta you should...

    Relax and make your baby enjoy!


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