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  • Hape: "The future begins with and belongs to our children!"

    May 27, 2015

    Brands-We-Sell-HapeEducation is always deemed as something very important, and it is, but for children education also needs to be fun. Hape believes that the future begins with and belongs to our children. Hape is one of the leading brands in the range of creating products that are fun and educational!

    Hape is founded by Peter Handstein from Germany. In 1986 Hape Kindergarten Supply was born. Peter got his inspiration from visiting schools for years. He learned that toys can be educational and fun at the same time. This formula has been very popular and successful. The ethos of Hape is very clear:

    "Our toys are created to inspire play, learning, and exploration of the world we live in; through responsible business practices we aspire to leave the world in a better condition than when we received it."

    During the years Hape has created different collections of toys such as the Hape bamboo collection, Hape Eco-toys and Hape line. Hape products are focused on a lifetime commitment to learning and education, starting as a child.

    Hape Toys is one of the world's largest producers of toys made from sustainable materials. Creative design and the environment are the most important aspects of the company. The quality of the products is very high, as they meet and often exceed the international standards for quality and safety. The collaboration of international and local employees creates a global culture. This results in respect for the world we live in. Words Hape lives by are sustainability, education, innovation and fun.

    Below you can see 4 products of their great range: the Hape Early Melodies Mr. Tambourine, the Hape Red Ukulele, the Hape Rainbow Xylophone and the Hape Pound and Tap Bench . All these products are focused on the development of the creative mind of your child. But Hape has much more to offer than these 4 products to make sure to have a look at their range here.

    And make sure to let us know what you think about the Music products!

    - Marit

    Music products from Hape



  • Preparing for potty training again

    May 25, 2015

    Preparing for potty training again

    Max isn’t yet two years old but he is already showing signs of an interest in potty training.  I wasn’t expecting it to happen quite so soon; with Oliver I didn’t start until he was 2 and a half, but Max has been sitting on the potty at nursery and telling me when he has, erm, filled his nappy.

    So I’ve been trying to refresh my memory about how to best approach potty training and I thought I’d share my thoughts with a wider audience!

    The first stage is all about getting them familiar with potties, toilets and pants and encouraging them to sit on the potty when they want to.  But I shall be very much following Max’s lead at this stage and not forcing the issue.

    I think potty training children who go to nursery is somewhat easier, because they get to see their friends using the potties and toilets and they want to do the same!

    I will take Max shopping for his ‘big boy pants’ and I will read the “Pirate Pete’”story to him – this worked a treat with Oliver.  I also loosely followed Gina Ford’s “Potty Training in 7 Days” guide. Love or hate her, the potty training book is actually quite sensible and I would not let any preconceptions about Ms Ford stop you from giving this book a read as it’s full of useful tips.

    With Oliver, I never really used pull-ups (except at night) – I just put him straight into pants and encouraged him to sit on the potty regularly.  We had surprisingly few ‘accidents’; in fact I could count on one hand the number of wet pants we had.  In just three days, he had got it. Number twos took a little longer to grasp, but another month and he was done.

    I certainly won’t be putting Max in pants until I’m confident that he has grasped the concept.  If you end up having to constantly change wet pants, it can become very frustrating and our toddlers can sense our emotions!  No, we shall be taking things slowly, he’ll be getting lots of positive encouragement and once he understands what he needs to do, then out will come the pirate book and a seemingly endless supply of Thomas the Tank engine pants!

    - Jo


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